tear trough rejuvenation

win the battle against under eye circles...

The interface between the lower eye lid and upper cheek is referred to as the tear trough. As we get older, this space becomes hollower, darker and the eyes can look sunken. In turn this can create  unattractive dark shadows and give the appearance of tiredness even after a good nights sleep.

Teosyal Redensity 2 is the first injectable filler of its kind that has been developed specifically for the tear trough area to address fine lines. dark circles and deep hollows.  This specifically formulated product has a wonderful safety record and is the premium product for under eye injections.

Our signature under eye brightening treatment proves very popular with both male and female patients of all ages as it offers a non-surgical alternative to instantly replenish the volume lost in the tear trough or orbital hollow.

at a glance

 Time: 15-40 minutes

Pain:Zero- Minimal, numbing cream applied.

Longevity: 10-12 months

Results: Instant

Downtime: Minimal, you may have bruising and swelling for a few days.

Price:  £400


how is it administered?

The thought of injections under the eye can be quite daunting however the procedure is relatively pain free. There is usually one injection point placed on the cheek bone, a micro-cannula is then passed through and into the tear trough region.

The Tear Trough is an extremely technical area and is administered by a medically trained professional with an in depth amount of knowledge in facial anatomy.


Results vary from patient to patient however the effect is a natural and immediate. The risk of bruising is reduced significantly by using the delicate micro-cannula however there is still a small chance it may occur.

Your results will be achieved during one visit and can last up to 12 months,