non-surgical rhinoplasty

the 15 minute nose job

 Is a non surgical procedure where we

carefully inject a reversible hyaluronic acid dermal filler to create the illusion of a straight nose.

A topical anaesthetic is used on the area prior to treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment. 

Non surgical nose reshaping is a cosmetic procedure, so it can not reduce the size of your nose, however after having treatment your nose can appear smaller. The treatment that we offer is safe, non invasive and affordable.

Who is suitable? You are suitable if you:

  • have slight unevenness/ crooked
  • have a bump
  • have a hook shaped nose
  • have a small nose that needs building
  • want to achieve more contour, definition and shape
  • want to have a tip
  • wish to straighten your no

at a glance...

Time: 15 minutes

Pain: Minimal, numbing cream applied

Longevity: 12-15 months

Results: Instant

Downtime: Minimal, you may have slight bruising and swelling post procedure.

Equipment: Needle

Price: £380