Introducing the NATURAL way to restore volume


Both I-PRF and PRP are prepared from the patients own blood but this is where the similarities END!

move over kimmy k and your vampire facial...


I-PRF is an advancement on traditional PRP and is an excellent way to restore lost volume, restore hair and address fine lines.

Since its introduction into the field of aesthetic medicine, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has revolutionised the industry with the concept of non-surgical autologous facial rejuvenation. Patients who are against traditional non-surgical treatments with fears of having ‘foreign bodies’ injected into them are now able to improve their visage using their own cells. However, traditional PRP does not address volume loss that comes with facial ageing, instead it focuses on skin health. 


Which is why we have chosen to invest in PRF (Platelet Rich Firbin) and I-PRF (Injectable Platlet Rich Fibrin). This was invented and pioneered by Dr Joseph Choukroun et al in 2000, along with A-PRF and L-PRF, supported by over 100 scientific publications .



100% natural, zero risk*


What is I-PRF?

I-PRF known as Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin is a second generation platelet concentrate using an innovative concept without either anticoagulants or coagulation factors.

What is the difference between PRP and I-PRF?


Both I-PRF and PRP are prepared from the patients own blood but this is where the similarities end. I-PRF is spun at a lower speed so that the layers of the blood do not separate out as distinctly and the lower spin speed is less traumatic to the cells. Thus some leukocytes and mesenchymal stem cells are preserved within the plasma that is collected for treatment. It's worth noting that platelets are very fragile, by spinning fast and hard as per PRP, a high percentage of platelets are 'spun out' or can be damaged.

Additionally, I-PRF does not use artificial anti-coagulants or clotting factors, thus I-PRF contains activated platelets which get trapped within the fibrin mesh once injected and the growth factors are released slowly.

(Basically, you get a richer concentration from I-PRF, which equals better results!)

Can you inject I-PRF?

Yes and this is truly where magic happens, you can inject the same areas that you would typically treat with dermal fillers to naturally plump. Or simply use with microneedling for the ultimate facial!

*As it is your own plasma, there is zero risk of a reaction!


Can I combine it with other treatments?

Absolutely, you can combine with dermal fillers, skin boosters, micro-needling,  professional peels,  mesotox.


What Can be treated with I-PRF?

You can treat multiple indications from hair restoration, tear trough, full face rejuvenation,  cheek volumising wounds and scars and sexual health.

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PRF Facial from £150

I-PRF Rejuvenation from £250