beauty boosters

skin redensifitcation and prevention of the signs of ageing

Beauty Boosters are especially designed to deliver deep skin hydration. The treatment involves hydrating microinjections of a soft, gel-like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the skin, which improves the skin's elasticity, firmness and radiance. 

 The hyaluronic acid in injectable moisturisers is more viscous than the kind you’ll find in a dermal filler, and the runnier gel texture means that it can be distributed across the face (or body) more evenly, improving skin hydration and cell function from within while providing subtle, universal skin rejuvenation, without the static effect that fillers and Botox can produce. It’s more free-flowing texture also makes it ideal for treating trickier areas such as hands, necks and the décolletage 

W H Y  C H O O S E  I N J E C T A B L E  M O I S T E R I S E R S  O V E R  T O P I C A L  V E R S I O N S

Directly targeting the skin with hyaluronic acid and vitamins via micro-injections means that you bypass the gatekeeper that is your skin barrier. This allows you to deliver the injectable moisturizer more specifically, the gel then disperses evenly into the injected plane of skin, which instantly enhances hydration as well as stimulating multilevel dynamic remodeling. Unlike fillers or toxin, they do not shape or volumise tissues therefore you are not at risk of the dreaded 'pillow face'.

W H Y  S K I N B O O S T E R S?

 Given that our bodies own supply of  Hyaluronic acid naturally starts to tail off around our twenties, leaving skin drier and more prone to signs of premature ageing and environmental damage, injecting skin boosters uniformly and directly helps to slow signs of ageing and increase our skin’s moisture levels in a way that previously wasn’t possible. 

You can expect to have a few pin prick marks, maybe swelling or bruising for 48 hours after the procedure however usually there is very minimal downtime.